A Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money

I know what it feels like when it seems like there are so many things in front of us that we can’t do anything about because they’re just too big. It’s not true though!

Finding ways to be more savvy and less overwhelmed by our lives is actually really easy with these tips that will make you a savvier traveler and give you some peace of mind at home.

Read on if travel has been on your mind lately but maybe you don’t have the time or money to take a break from life right now – this post is perfect for all types of travelers!

  1. How to Plan Your Trip
  2. How to Save Money Before Your Trip
  3. How to Travel for Free
  4. How to Make Money While Traveling

1. How to Plan Your Trip

Decide on a Destination

When organizing a journey with limited funds, it is imperative to factor in the expenditure of all aspects of the trip, such as airfare, lodging, nourishment, and activities. It is also critical to have an adaptable schedule for travel and to seek out bargains and rebates.

Alternative accommodations like hostels and Airbnbs are worth considering, and cooking your own meals can significantly reduce costs. Additionally, numerous complimentary activities are accessible in most urban and rural locations, such as guided walking tours, museum visits, and concerts. By abiding by these recommendations, you can devise a low-cost excursion without compromising your amusement.

This useful article about choosing destinations outlines many other ways to pick a great location that takes cost into consideration. Be sure to read blogs on social media from travelers who may have new ideas as well.

Research Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options

To further minimize the expenditure on accommodation, it is advisable to conduct extensive research on budget-friendly lodging options. Hostels and guesthouses can be an excellent alternative to hotels, as they provide affordable and practical accommodation.

Camping, couchsurfing, or house sitting are other possibilities to consider. By examining the numerous options available and booking in advance, you can maximize your savings.

Furthermore, you may find that some locations offer free accommodation opportunities in exchange for work or other services. It is essential to read reviews and ratings from previous guests to ensure the quality and safety of the chosen accommodation.

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Find Free Activities and Attractions

To further maximize your enjoyment without breaking the bank, it is worth researching free or low-cost activities and attractions available in your destination. Many cities offer free walking tours, museums with free entry days, and stunning public parks and beaches that you can explore at no cost.

Opting to traverse the city by foot or bicycle instead of relying on costly tours or taxis is another option to consider. Moreover, you can take advantage of local community events, concerts, and festivals to immerse yourself in the culture and make unforgettable memories. By discovering these opportunities, you can experience the local culture and activities without exceeding your budget.

Plan Your Transportation

To further optimize your travel expenses, it is wise to plan your transportation ahead of time. Traveling long distances can be costly, so consider utilizing budget airlines, bus or train passes, or ride-sharing options such as BlaBlaCar. If you’re exploring a city, walking, cycling, or taking public transportation instead of taxis can save you a significant amount of money.

Additionally, renting a car for an extended period can be expensive, so investigate whether short-term rentals or car-sharing services like Zipcar are available in your destination. By planning your transportation, you can minimize your expenses and allocate your funds to other aspects of your journey.

2. How to Save Money Before Your Trip

Cut Your Expenses

Traveling with Kristin teaches some cheap travel hacks!

Saving money before your trip is an effective way to reduce the financial burden of your journey. One approach is to cut back on unnecessary expenses by canceling subscriptions, dining out less frequently, and brewing your own coffee instead of purchasing it every day. Another option is to downsize your living arrangements or automobile to reduce rent or car payments.

You can also sell items you no longer need, such as clothes, electronics, or furniture, to generate additional funds. Additionally, consider taking on a part-time job or freelancing to supplement your income and accelerate your savings. By being proactive in managing your expenses, you can build a healthy financial cushion for your travels.

Sell Unwanted Items

Selling unwanted items is an excellent way to generate extra funds for your trip. Online platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace offer an accessible and convenient way to sell various items, including clothing, electronics, and furniture. You can also host a garage sale or participate in flea markets to sell items in person.

If you possess specialized skills, you can offer services such as tutoring, pet-sitting, or photography to supplement your income. By using these methods, you can earn additional money and cover travel expenses while also decluttering your living space.

Work and Save Money

Consider taking on a part-time job or freelancing to earn extra money before your trip. You can also look for seasonal work or temporary jobs that offer accommodation and meals. This can help you save up for your travels and gain new skills and experiences.

Saving money for travel can be achieved by working part-time or freelancing before embarking on your trip. This approach offers the added benefit of providing you with new skills and experiences to enhance your travels.

Temporary work, such as seasonal jobs or short-term contracts, may also be available that provides both accommodations and meals. This will enable you to save more money towards your travel goals.

Opportunities such as working at a ski resort or with a local business could be suitable options to help achieve your savings goals and make your travel plans a reality.

3. How to Travel for Free


Girl vs Globe shows us how to travel for free by volunteering!

Volunteering allows you to travel frugally while contributing to the places you visit. You can search for opportunities through organizations such as Workaway or HelpX. The organizations may offer free lodging and meals in return for your work.

You can also find local charities or organizations that need volunteers in the places you visit while you experience their culture firsthand while making a difference. Volunteering can also help you gain new skills and meet people who share similar interests. It is an enriching travel experience.

House Sitting

House sitting offers an affordable way to travel and experience a new place while enjoying the comforts of a home. Websites like TrustedHousesitters or HouseCarers can connect you with homeowners who need their houses and pets taken care of while they’re away.

As a house sitter, you’ll have the opportunity to live like a local and explore a new destination at your own pace. You’ll also have the added bonus of free accommodation and, in some cases, access to a car. House sitting can be a great option for budget-conscious travelers who want to make the most of their trip while also contributing to the local community.


Couchsurfing is an innovative concept that has taken the world of travel by storm. It provides a unique opportunity for travelers to connect with locals and experience a culture in an authentic way. Unlike traditional lodging options, Couchsurfing allows travelers to immerse themselves in the local community and gain a deeper understanding of their way of life.

Couchsurfing is an affordable way to travel, as it eliminates the cost of accommodation. However, before embarking on a Couchsurfing adventure, it is important to do some research on the host and their living conditions.

It is also crucial to communicate your expectations and limitations clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. By following these guidelines, Couchsurfing can be an enriching and memorable experience for both the guest and host alike. But be sure to exercise caution when embarking on Couchsurfing by reading references through a reputable online platform.

Third Culture Nellie shares her tips on Couchsurfing


Hitchhiking is an unconventional mode of transportation that comes with its fair share of hazards. Though it may provide a thrilling and cost-effective means to discover novel destinations, it demands an ample amount of prudence and wariness. To ensure a safe and secure hitchhiking experience, it is crucial to exercise caution and adhere to some fundamental safety protocols.

Researching the area in which you intend to hitchhike is pivotal, as it can provide valuable insights into potential hazards or scams that must be avoided. Additionally, wearing appropriate attire and ensuring your visibility to drivers, especially at night, is of utmost importance. Carrying a map, phone, and sufficient food and water in the event of an emergency is also recommended.

The most critical aspect of hitchhiking is to rely on your instincts and refrain from accepting rides from individuals who give off a sense of discomfort or peril. By heeding these precautions, hitchhiking can indeed be an enriching and memorable way to explore the world.

4. How to Make Money While Traveling

Laura & Nicholas share 13 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Freelance Work

Having a remote skill such as graphic design or writing can open up a plethora of opportunities to work as a freelancer while traversing the globe. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr provide an array of prospects to discover clients and work at a leisurely pace. Whether you’re a digital nomad or an individual who fancies traveling, freelancing can be a pragmatic and thrilling way to procure a livelihood.

With an unwavering internet connection and a commendable work ethic, you can effortlessly handle your workload and communicate with clients from any corner of the planet. Moreover, freelancing offers a level of self-determination that is not typically found in orthodox employment settings, enabling you to cherry-pick projects that are of the most interest to you and work at your own speed.

By and large, freelancing while traveling can furnish a sense of emancipation and autonomy that can be strenuous to achieve through customary means.


Busking is a prevalent mode of public amusement that involves the display of one’s aptitude in outdoor spaces such as parks, plazas, or street corners with the aim of garnering remuneration through gratuities. Should you possess a knack for playing musical instruments, singing, or juggling, it would be prudent to channel your proficiency to derive some pecuniary gain while on the go.

Busking is a versatile and flexible means of earning a livelihood as it doesn’t require any fixed regimen or particular location. You have the freedom to exhibit your aptitude at your own convenience and in any location that piques your interest. In addition to presenting a chance to earn a living, busking provides a platform to showcase your talents to a diverse audience.

As a busker, you can create connections with people from varied backgrounds and cultures and share your ardor with them. Thus, if you have a talent that you would like to harness and earn some revenue while traveling, busking may very well be the way to go.

Teaching English

ESL Teacher 365 shares her ideas on how to start teaching English abroad

Teaching the English language to non-native speakers has grown in popularity as a means of earning income while traveling abroad. Online resources such as Teach Away and Dave’s ESL Cafe have made it increasingly convenient to locate such opportunities overseas.

Possessing a teaching degree or certification may not be mandatory in several countries to teach English. This presents a vast array of prospects for individuals passionate about teaching and exploring different cultures. In addition to being a source of livelihood, teaching English offers the chance to fully immerse oneself in a novel environment, form new acquaintances, and amass enriching experiences.

Teaching English allows one to make a positive impact on others’ lives by assisting them in developing their linguistic competence. Teaching English as a foreign language is a gratifying and satisfying career choice for those with an enthusiasm for educating and traveling.

With diligent effort and creative thinking, traveling on a budget or without spending a single penny can be accomplished. The key to success lies in selecting budget-friendly destinations, reducing expenses, and discovering costless lodging and entertainment options, all of which will enable you to fulfill your wanderlust aspirations.

Whether your itinerary includes volunteer work, house-sitting, or working remotely while exploring the globe, a wealth of opportunities exist to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and visit exciting locales without burning through your savings.